Will Mothballs Or Ammonia Help To Keep Snakes Away?

Corpus Christi snake

The Use of Mothballs and Ammonia to Deter Snakes
Keeping snakes away is an important part of being a homeowner. Snakes can pose a threat to you and your home if they infiltrate it, being an overall nuisance. Whether it is you alone or you with pets or children, there are risks present when there are snakes. Getting rid of the snakes, and keeping them out, is not going to come easily to most, however. If you have never been in this situation, you may not know what to do. You are likely going to look for simple, straightforward, and supposedly safe methods of removal. Mothballs and ammonia are, oftentimes, the go-to solution for people like you. Before jumping all in, though, know whether it works and whether it is something you should use.

The Truth
Neither mothballs nor ammonia are going to show any promise. Neither are going to work, and both may come with larger risks than you may realize. The idea behind them is that the odor will scare away animals. They will smell it and immediately want to leave the property, for their own sake. Those who push claims of it working say it will remove any animal. The truth is, the animals are not going to go away. Any claims are either fabricated or coincidental. There is no proof that these will remove snakes, or any other animal for that matter. The odor is not going to bother them. They are not going to want to leave or do anything simply because you put mothballs and ammonia down. In fact, both of these may lead to greater risks. They can damage your property and kill animals that ingest them. They are dangerous to have around, with no benefit to them at all.

Your Best Hope
Snake repellents do exist. Not all of them are going to do the trick, but most are going to be better than mothballs and ammonia. They are not going to have the hazards attached to them, at least. One of your best options is to maintain your property. Fence and grass alike, you do not want anything inviting the snakes inside. Keep any holes filled, repair anything broken, and keep grass and shrubbery short. As few entrances and hiding spots as possible is best for you. There are ways to remove and deter snakes, but mothballs and ammonia are not on the list. They pose a bigger risk than they are worth.

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